Privacy policy


Cookies are files that ensure the storage of information or obtaining access to information already stored in the end user's telecommunications device during or after visiting websites.
Cookies used on the website do not store personal data, they are used, among other things, to remember User preferences or secure websites. Some functionalities on the website will not work if the User does not consent to the installation of cookies.

Information for Users:

What type of cookies do we use?

Persistent cookies are files that are saved on the device used by the User, even after leaving the website being viewed. The purpose of storing and accessing this information by the website owner is to remember the preferences selected by the User when visiting a given website.
Session cookies, which are necessary on the website to maintain proper exchange of information between the server and the browser, and thus to be able to correctly display the content of the visited website and use the functionalities contained therein. The purpose of storing and gaining access to this information is to identify a given session (dialogue between the browser and the server) and Users communicating with the server at the same time.
Cookies of third-party entities with which the website owner cooperates enable external companies to store information on the number of visits and user behavior on websites. The purpose of storing and accessing this information is to collect website traffic data. This is not personal data. Companies that provide analytics services include Google.

How can you refuse the installation of cookies using your browser settings?

The vast majority of browsers accept cookies by default in order to ensure that Users can conveniently use the website and correctly display its content.

A user who does not want cookies to be installed on his/her telecommunications end device may refuse to consent to the installation of cookies in the following way:

1. In Internet Explorer, do the following:
select "Tools/Internet Options" from the main menu and then select "Advanced" in the "Privacy" section and disable cookies.

2. In Mozilla Firefox browser:
select "Tools" from the menu and then "Options" and specify the privacy level in the "Privacy" section.

3. In the Opera browser:
select "Tools" from the menu and then from "Preferences" select "Advanced" and then "Cookies".

4. In Google Chrome you should:
from the menu on the right, select "Options" and then "For advanced" and "Cookie settings".

The above types of browsers are indicated as examples. Due to the great variety of browsers used by Users, there may be some differences in the way they are set, which would prevent the installation of cookies. Usually, information about cookies can be found in the "Tools" or "Options" menu. More detailed information in this regard can usually be found on the website of the browser manufacturer.

It is worth emphasizing that storing and accessing some cookies on the User's end device may be necessary for the proper operation of the website.